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Founded in 2020 and based in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Kinnaird Head Whiskies was conceived from two friends chatting about “if they had a shop”. Fast forward to the present day, and a vision has become a reality. We are delighted to welcome you to Kinnaird Head Whiskies. 

Our aim is to provide our customers with a quality service, honest recommendations and to provide excellent prices on the products we stock.

Slainte! Cheers.




I was born and currently still live in the town of Fraserburgh, North East Scotland. I’m married with two (rapidly growing) children.

I love meeting and chatting to folk about whisky whether industry related or just a blether over a dram or two.

What would be my favourite whisky? I have no idea to be honest, but I love most things Campbeltown (Longrow).

Whether you have been into whisky years, months or have never even tried whisky at all, we would love to hear from you. We offer open and impartial advice tailored to the individual.

Slàinte Mhath. 




I was born and raised in the fishing village of Cairnbulg, before moving a matter of miles to the town of Fraserburgh.  I’m married, and am blessed with two brilliant boys.

A seed of intrigue started my whisky journey 7 years ago, and has led to this exciting new venture with Kinnaird Head Whiskies.
We aim to provide a great service, with some great prices too.

My whisky collection is varied, covering all bases – but if I had to choose one region for the rest of my days… I’d settle in Speyside.

I look forward to meeting you on the way, and finding out what whisky you prefer.


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