Benrinnes 15 Flora and Fauna


Notes from the Distillery:

Bright mahogany

A rich nose, presenting an early impression of chocolate liqueurs – perhaps rum filled, although there is a light sherry-wood note as well. Light smokiness, and a dense floral note. ‘Vintage car upholstery’ describes it best. An evocative combination of old leather, oil, burnt rubber and exhaust fumes. With water, similar but fresher; polished wood, a piney note. Still a heavy nose. The vintage car leather scents persist when further reduced – at which a faint mustiness creeps in

Richly sweet, full, rum-like, with a centre palate impact. In spite of the sweetness, not cloying

Dries out slightly in the finish, where there is also a ‘catch’ which might be taken for peat-smoke. Medium length, leaving a faintly sherried aftertaste.

ABV 43%

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