Blurred Lines Whisky Tasting 17th of May


Blurred Lines Whisky Tasting Event. 17th of May. Saltoun Hotel Fraserburgh. 7.00pm

Can you tell the difference between an Islay and an Island whisky?

Do you know your Highland from your Lowland?

Can you pick out which is Campbeltown and which is Speyside?

With the vast selection of whisky available these days we can come across certain styles of whisky that are not usually considered to fit a certain profile. For example we find unpeated Islay, peated Speyside and Lowland, some very fruity Highland whiskies that have been influenced by wine casks etc etc. You get the jist, different styles of whisky can be produced by any distillery.

Join us for a fun and intriguing look at the whisky regions of Scotland. The aim is to provide some insight into the main whisky regions, the traditional styles attatched to each region, and to ask the question. ” Are the whisky regions relevant in this day of age.”

We will sample 6 different whiskies from various regions, all blind of course and discuss, rate, and also chat about the drams that are tried.

Looking forward to see you there.

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