Project #173 Butterscotch Rum


Notes from the distillery:
The Project #173 range brings you rum with serious flavour!
This expression really puts its full weight behind the brilliance of butterscotch. Not to say that this neglects to make itself known as a rum – there are all sorts of tasty clues towards that fact – but it really does go all-in on the rich, creamy, sweet butterscotch notes. Fab sipped neat, and we reckon this would make for some great cocktails too, or poured into hot chocolate on a chilly winter evening.
Plus, the bottle itself is rather neat too, featuring a flake of 23 karat gold leaf!

Banana fritters, Fruit Salad sweeties, honey, brown sugar caramelising in a pan, a hint of orange blossom.

Nectarine, satsuma, Werther’s Original, sticky toffee pudding, cocoa, soft peppery spice sneaking in later on.

Vanilla tablet and milky coffee, though still quite fruity all the way through the finish.

ABV 42%.

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