Thompson Bros North Highland Blended Malt 8 Years Old


Notes from the Bottlers:

For this North Highland Blended Malt, we have ethically sourced ingredients from two local producers who operate within a 39.8-mile radius of Dornoch Distillery. Both distilleries pride themselves on their handcrafted and artisanal methods of production. Moreover, they employ traditional crop rotation, use sustainable biofuels, and use less water than most other distilleries.
Our team of skilled blenders have brutally spliced these two distillates together while honouring the rich tradition of whisky making in the north highlands.

Clynelish 8/02/16 Refill Hhd – 37.0%
Glen Ord 12/04/16 Refill Hhd – 36.1%
Clynelish 8/02/16 Refill Hhd – 12.3%
Glen Ord 12/04/16 Refill Hhd – 12.3%
Clynelish 12/01/15 Cask Nolia PX – 2.4%

Non-chill filtered and natural colour – all smashed together in a refill sherry butt for a resting period of more than a day but less than a year.

PEACH, fresh plaster, chalk, lychee, marrow, margarine, golden syrup (no flakes), beeswax, sourdough, pain au chocolat, crunchy nut, Tesco value peaches, PX grapes, fire at the Aardman studio, Xante, foam banana, digestive biscuit with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Peach oils, mouth coating with more tropical fruits, candle wax, pumpernickel, milk bottles, silky texture, vanilla ice cream, cream soda, Viennese Whirls, kumquat.

Great length with lashings of extra value.

ABV 44.5%

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