Thompson Bros SRV5 Blended malt 8 year old


Introducing the Thompson Brothers SRV5 Blended Malt from the folks at Dornoch Distillery. The SRV5 Blended Malt is a vatting of single malts that is added to in a solera style system. All whiskies added to the vatting are 8 years or older and every batch released is limited to 800 bottles. Here is a short summary from the Distillery.

” Our goal was to create a core blended malt scotch whiskyin a style that we, as whisky geeks, would want to enjoy. It is bright and fresh, with plenty of texture and a hint of smoke. We bottled at a quaffable 48.5%, without chill-filtration or added colour. This whisky is easily mixed and at an accessible price; a whisky for everyone!”

Galia melon, lemongrass, apricot, cucumber, waxed lemons, green peppercorns & capers in brine, green apples, lime cordial, grapefruit bitters, green peppers, coastal peat & beach bonfires

Greengage, cantaloupe melon, banana smoothie, lemon oil, grapefruit juice, capers, lemongrass, thyme, 1st press olive oil, candlewax and gentle smoke

Lemon balm, thyme, camphor, earthy peat & gentle smoke. Long with a coating of waxiness

ABV 48.5%

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