Fifty/50/Gin – Cask Aged


Notes from the Distillery:

Fifty/50/Gin is different, different because we aged half of our London dry style gin in casks for 20 years! We applied our knowledge of maturing great whiskies and Fifty/50 has taken on many of these classic characteristics. For the first 10 years we chose virgin oak casks, this to infuse sweet vanilla, ginger and strong oak flavours. Since time plays such a great roll in maturation, for the second 10 years we chose ex-whisky casks. These allowed the wood to slowly impart greater depth and a more gentle range of flavours.

As a result of these 20 years, the aged gin has now turned a deep golden colour and lost its juniper dominance. To bring back the juniper and complementary botanicals, we have chosen to combine our aged gin with new gin at a ratio of 1-1. After many experiments we decided this gave the best of both worlds, new & old, light and dark, deep & fresh.

If you like gin, Fifty/50 will give you a whole new palate to play with. Equally if you prefer whisky, this may provide an enticing entrance to the world of gin! Fifty/50/Gin works wonderfully in a wide selection of cocktails. As an introduction to some of these, each bottle comes with a booklet of 6 cocktail recipes we had specially designed for you to try.

This is the first batch, presented in 50cl barrel bottles, and a limited run of 1994 bottles produced.

ABV 50%

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Cocktail Inspiration

Five O Mojito

50ml Fifty/50/Gin
8-12 wild Mint Leaves
15ml Fresh Lime Juice
15ml Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice
2 heaped bar spoons of caster sugar
75-100ml Cloudy Apple Juice

Half fill a tall glass with crushed ice and use a long handled spoon to mix the gin, citrus, mint and sugar through the ice. Pour in the apple juice and then fill the rest of the glass with crushed ice and stir again.

Garnish by placing a wedge of pink grapefruit, a lime wedge and a wild mint flower – or a sprig of fresh mint – into the drink’s crushed ice cap.

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