Project #173 Salted Caramel Rum


Notes from the producers:
The Project #173 range brings you rum with serious flavour!
A base of high quality rum is naturally flavoured with silky sweet caramel, and a touch of salt, making for a deliciously indulgent sipper. Enjoy this over ice instead of pudding, or why not splash some over your pudding come to think of it? Great for adding a caramel twist to cocktails too.
Plus, the bottle itself is rather neat too, featuring a flake of 23 karat gold leaf!

Sticky caramel and creamy Milk Bottle sweeties open things up. Burnt sugar creeps in with vanilla notes of crème brûlée and crème caramel, and chocolatey wafts of Rolos.

The creaminess continues, bolstered by crisp caramelised biscuits. Chewy notes of marshmallow mingle with spiced banana bread and crispy fruit roti, drizzled with condensed milk before hints of dark chocolate salted almonds appear.

Lingering sweetness with a depth of cinnamon, charred oak, and a whisper of orange zest.

ABV 42%.

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