Wemyss Malts Spice King Batch Strength


Notes from the Distillery:

Ginger gold

Aromatic spices are amplified by the untamed strength releasing cinnamon, nutmeg and anise with a touch of costal ozone. Heavier notes of sandalwood and rich pipe tobacco entwine with caramel sauce

Sweet demerara sugar drizzles on carrot cake mix with zesty orange rind and intriguing costal noted providing a salted caramel like flavour. Gentle spices tickle on the palate intensifying to pink peppercorn

Medium to long finish that jumps from caramel sauce to wood smoke and black.

ABV 58%

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Wemyss Malts Batch Strength, Limited Edition is a release of blended malt Scotch whisky, each bottled at a high strength that has been chosen to best suit the character of the individual edition.

At Wemyss Malts we refer to batch strength as the final resting alcohol by volume (abv) of a whisky that has been adjusted by water or is the blend of 2 or more casks at different alcohol by volume.

Cask Strength refers to a whisky that has had no water added to it post maturation. This strength can range from the high 60% percent to as low as a natural strength of 40% depending on how much alcohol has evaporated. When it comes to blending, most blenders fix their whisky samples to a set abv instead of blending with cask strength samples as the casks may change in abv between the time the test, small-scale blend has been created and the full-scale blend is finalised. Therefore there are very few examples of cask strength blended Scotches or blended malts. We made the decision to pick a higher abv than 40%,43% and 46% to a higher strength that suits the unique flavours of the recipe. Different aromas and flavours compounds are released at different alcohol concentrations and the drinker is free to dilute the Batch Strength whisky as they see fit, adjusting the strength and opening up the whiskies character further.

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