Lowrie’s Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky by Thompson Bros


Another great value blended scotch whisky from the Thompson Bros, Phil and Simon.

To create this limited blended Scotch, Jack Lowrie and the Thompson Bros vatted 3 hogsheads of very nice, very sherried, reasonably matured blended scotch whisky; with 2 barrels of 11 year old, bourbon matured Speyside whisky.
Into the mix went a helpful dose of old-grain whisky – 1994 Strathclyde, refill barrel matured – and this was topped off with some SRV5 that had been removed from Vat 5, and racked into an ex-Australian Shiraz wine cask; that had since been used to mature beer by Campervan Brewery in Edinburgh.

A clear picture of the Constitution is as follows;
20.5% – Strathclyde Single Grain 1994, 28-year-old, refill bourbon
19.9% – Speyside Single Malt 2012, 11 Years old, Bourbon Hogshead
51.6% – Blended Scotch 2012, 10 year old, Sherry Hogshead
8.00% – SRV5 Campervan Brewery cask finish.

Pear drops and pastis, white grapes, hops, galia melon, toffee popcorn, fresh parsley, hay bales, bay leaf, honeycomb (brittle), flumps, white miso paste, and nightshade (tomato plant)

Toffee brittle, caramelised malted barley, almond nougat, strawberry, wild herbs, orange marmalade, lemon cough sweets, some oak spice, hints of cloves, charred peaches

Orange bitters, clove oil, ginger root and a gentle salinity.

ABV 45.7%

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